Run PC apps in your browser. No installs.

Run thousands of PC apps and servers
instantly from any HTML5-enabled browser.

Open Workspace

Also available natively on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Faster I/O

Connect your Turbo account to OneDrive or Dropbox and access files and folders under the T: drive.

Data is transferred directly between the and storage clouds for even faster performance.

Take it on the Road

Access apps from any HTML5-enabled web browser, including iPads and Android devices.

Sessions and data automatically synchronize to the cloud so you can pick up right where you left off.

Test Every Version

Use any version, including legacy and beta versions, of supported apps such as browsers.

Whether you need to test specific versions of an app or just stay in sync with coworkers, the right application and component versions are at your fingertips.


No. The Turbo HTML5 client supports all devices with a HTML5-enabled web browser.

No. The cost of the Windows® license is included in your subscription.

Turbo runs apps in the cloud, so no virtual machine is required to run on your Mac. Turbo's unique technology makes app behave like natively installed apps, even though they're streaming from the cloud.

This lets you run apps without the slowdowns and memory consumption associated with traditional virtual machine (VM) technology.

Turbo also supports running legacy apps such as Internet Explorer 10 or 9, as well as beta apps, without the need to run a separate virtual machines.

No. Turbo automatically migrates your work to a nearby cloud server so you can continue working from any device.

Yes. Turbo is great for running legacy browers, plugins, ERP apps, and other line-of-business apps that may require specific versions of Windows®, .NET, Java, or other dependencies.

Turbo supports all major Windows desktop applications and browsers, including applications requiring legacy versions of Java and the .NET Framework; legacy browsers and browser plugins; and major database, web, and application servers.

Turbo also works with most custom line-of-business apps.

Custom apps can be virtualized for use with with Turbo Studio.