Deploying to Azure

In addition to on-premises deployment, a preconfigured Turbo Server instance can be deployed via the Turbo Server Azure Marketplace Image (AMI). The Turbo Server AMI has multiple plans which are preconfigured with the following components:

  • Hub and Portal
  • Hub, Portal, and Application

Users will need the following to deploy the Turbo Server AMI:

  • Azure subscription
  • Purchased or trial Turbo Server license

The following network ports are open by default once the Turbo Server AMI is deployed. These can be adjusted as necessary via the Azure Portal when the deployment is complete.

  • 3389: RDP
  • 80: HTTP
  • 443: HTTPS

Note: While there are no extra charges to deploy the Turbo Server AMI, the Azure subscription will still be charged for any usage.


To deploy the Turbo Server AMI go to, click Create a resource, search for "Turbo Server", select the desired plan, and click Create.

The following information will be needed to deploy the Turbo Server AMI:

  • Resource group: Resource group to deploy the AMI. This can be a new or existing resource group.
  • Region: Azure region to deploy the AMI
  • Virtual Machine Name: Hostname of the VM
  • Username and password: Local administrative account on the VM
  • DNS Prefix: Prefix of the DNS record automatically created during deployment.

Click Create when all the required information is added to the deployment and the review step passes validation.

Post-deployment configuration

The following configuration steps are required once the Turbo Server AMI is deployed.

Note: It is required that the following steps be performed in order. Failure to do so may result in an inaccessible Turbo Server instance.

Install license

The Turbo Server AMI is built without a valid license. No administrative steps can be performed until a Turbo Server license has been installed.

To add your purchased or trial Turbo Server license, go to the administrative URL of the deployed Turbo Server AMI. This is the DNS name from the Overview page of the deployed Turbo Server AMI VM in the Azure Portal.

To get to the administrative portal add "/admin" to the URL.

Select Update License, paste in your license text, and Save. This will save the new license and restart the Turbo Server service.


Configure administrative user

Once a valid Turbo Server license is installed the remaining post-deployment steps can be performed.

First step is to update the password of the "administrator" user. From the administrative portal go to Users.


Select "administrator", add a new password, and click Save.


Next step is to add the "administrator" user to the Server Administrators group. This will grant Turbo Server administrative permissions to the "administrator" user. From the administrative portal go to Users.


Open the Server Administrators group, click Add Members, select the "administrator" account, and click Save twice.


This will add the administrator user to the Server Administrators group. This will also cause the Turbo Server Service to restart to complete the changes. Once the restart is complete you will be redirected to the sign-in page. Sign-in with the "administrator" user to verify access.


The required post deployment steps are complete if the sign-in was successful. However, for security reasons, it is strongly recommended to switch the portal to HTTPS. Please check the Managing a Server section to setup HTTPS.

Additional configuration steps to setup Turbo Server:

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