Memory sharing can be optimized for applications that have large memory requirement. Turbo can utilize Window's dll and exe sharing by using the precache command. This will reduce the startup time and memory consumption of applications ran by different users on the application server.

For example, to allow dll and exe memory sharing for the application MATLAB:

# Verify the image has been pulled and cached locally
> turbo images
1a2b3c  mathworks/matlab

# Run the precache command
> turbo precache mathworks/matlab
Using VM 20.6.1523 from local
Using image clean:30 from local
Using image matlab from local
Precaching assemblies in mathworks/matlab
Precached 3023 files in 0:00:37.2151653

Next, enable the Enable Assembly Cache setting under the workspace application's general tab from the admin site.


Graphic application routing support will be coming soon.

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