Turbo Server License

The standard Turbo Server license, Turbo Server Enterprise Edition, consists of a server license and a custom number of unique or simultaneous end-users. The standard license enables an unlimited number of applications to be hosted on Turbo Server.

Users are typically accounted for with a username and password. However, you can use anonymous users. In this case, each user is defined by the domain of the hosted Turbo Server and a specific username, such as SomeCompany\SomeUser.

The Turbo Server administrator can activate and deactivate users as needed, or add additional allowed users or devices by upgrading the license. For more information about managing users refer to Managing Users and Authentication. For instructions on applying a new license to Turbo Server, refer to General.

RDS License

Servers with the Application role must have RDS licensing configured, please refer to the Microsoft documentation on how to do so.

Please note that RDS Per User CALs are not supported with the default Temporary Profile login mode. Per the Microsoft documentation, RDS Per User CALs can only be assigned to Active Directory users and temporary profiles use local non-Active Directory users.

If using Temporary Profile login mode, the application servers must be configured with RDS Per Device CALs.

Application License

Application licenses can be implemented by the native application, such as connecting to a license server, or controlled by Turbo administrative settings. Turbo allows administrators to limit the number of concurrent and named user or devices on a per application basis. See the Workspace Applications documentation for details.