Turbo Server Reports

The Reports page provides pre-configured, detailed analytic reports, broken-down into categories. Selecting a report takes you to the Report page, which consists of a Date Range control and the Report Viewer. Use the Date Range control to adjust the time period for the selected report.

Note that if the server uses Anonymous login mode, the user name in the reports will display the Windows login profile name. This applies even for logged in users with cached credentials.

Administration Reports

  • Alert Report: Presents a record of all Turbo Server alerts. Common alerts include errors and administrative changes.
  • Repository Session Report: Presents a detailed record of each repository session.
  • Repository Usage Report: Provides a detailed breakdown and comparison of the usage for each repository.
  • Session Logs Report: Provides a detailed record of all session events, including launching or stopping an application.
  • User Session Report: Provides a detailed record of each application session, broken-down by user.
  • User Usage Report: Presents a detailed breakdown and comparison of application usage for each user

Use the Download button located at the top of the Report Viewer to perform the following tasks export the report to a file in any of the following formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file
  • Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file

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