The var instruction sets value of a variable.

var <name>="<value>"

The value can be an expression involving strings and other variables.

var foo="bar"
var myvar=foo + "baz"

A few special variables are implicitly defined:

  • last - Output of last executed command
  • spoonversion - Version string of the binary
  • year - Current year
  • month - Current month number
  • day - Curent day number
  • hour - Current hour
  • minute - Current minute
  • second - Current second
  • dateiso - Current date in yyyyMMdd format
  • date - Current date
  • time - Current time

For programs started in the build container, variables are available as environment variables.

var version = ""
using python
  cmd python
  var version = last

using wget
  cmd wget

meta name = "application"
meta tag = version

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