The subscribe command is used to subscribe to a workspace, or an organization's repositories.

Usage: subscribe <options> <organization | workspace>

<options> available:
      --all-users            Subscribe all users on the machine. Requires Administrator privileges
      --format=VALUE         Use the specified format for output. Supported values: json
      --wait-after-error     Leave process open after error
      --wait-after-exit      Leave process open after it exits

Subscribing to an organization will add all available repositories to the desktop by executing the installi command on each repository. When a workspace is specified (using the url friendly id such as default), the workspace applications are installed by installi the workspace application which includes the application configuration. This allows the installed application to run with the workspace application settings. The initial subscribe does not pull the images to the local machine cache. The image pull is done by the update task.

In addition to installing each repository, a subscription will periodically update the install to the latest workspace application configuration, and the local image to the specified revision. The update is done by registering a Windows Task that runs the subscription update command once a day at 12:00 AM. You can change the frequency of the update task using the built in Windows Task Scheduler. The task will be under the turbo-net folder.

Use the subscription command to control the subscription. To view all subscriptions use the subscriptions command. To remove the subscription use the unsubscribe command.

Subscribe All Users

When --all-users is specified, the subscription will be installed for all users on the machine. This command requires Administrator privileges and that the Turbo client is installed for all users. See the install options for the Turbo installer for more information on how to install for all users.

Automatic Updates

Subscribing to a channel creates a Windows task that executes a daily update of the subscription. To avoid automatic updates, the subscription command has a suspend action or the scheduled task can be disabled or modified to suit the desired update process.

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