The cp command copies a files from one container to another or between a container and the native filesystem.

Usage: turbo cp [<source-container>:]<path-from> [<target-container>:]<path-to>

<options> available:
     --format=VALUE         Use json format for output


# Copy a file from a container to the native system
> turbo cp 2de7:C:\project\file.txt C:\Users\Turbouser

# Copy a file from a container to another container
> turbo cp 2de7:C:\project\file.txt 3vj3:C:\other-project

# Container paths must be absolute
> turbo cp 2de7:file.txt C:\Users\Turbouser


# Native paths are relative to the current prompt
C:\Users> turbo cp 2de7:C:\project\file.txt \Turbouser

JSON output

When --format=json option was passed this command will provide output in JSON format. It will contain only an exit code data or an error object if command failed.

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