To a Desktop

Turbo supports deploying containers from the Turbo Hub to your desktop using the subscribe and installi features. Add the latest version of an application to enable auto-patching of that application. This ensures you get the latest updates to the selected applications as they are released.

Sync Device

The Sync Device feature on the Hub provides the ability to deploy applications directly to your desktop from the Hub in two simple steps: Add applications in the hub, when complete just click Sync Device on your user or organization homepage.

Sync device link

The Sync Device button will update to show the syncing has begun.

Synching device

When complete a prompt appears to confirm Applications synced to Device with an instruction that shortcuts have also been created in the start menu.

Synced device

On your machine you will notice that a scheduled task has been created. The scheduled task will perform the application updates. Modify the schedule to ensure the applications are only updated when you want them to. Optionally, Run the task to cache the applications. If you do not run the task, launching an application will present a buffer dialog on first launch.

Subscription task scheduler

Shell Registration

Containers can also be integrated with the Windows shell. The install or installi command will create Start Menu shortcuts, file associations, and shell extensions in the shell for the image so that it behaves similar to an installed application.

# Install the VLC container to the shell
> turbo installi --name=vlc videolan/vlc --register-extensions

Configuring shortcuts and file associations for an image is done in Turbo Studio. See the reference section for more details.

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